A Farmer’s Prayer Poem by Marilyn Lott

A Farmer’s Prayer

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Lord, look on me with kindness
I do the best I can
I try to feed my wife and kids
From this worn and barren land
I work from morn to sunset
With this sad unfertile dirt
To feed and clothe my wife and kids
I love them till I hurt
I pray each day while working hard
I pray each day to you
So help me Lord, please understand
I do what I know to do
Just smile on me and find me peace
When it’s time for me to go
And find peace too for the ones I love
Because I love them so.
So when the time comes to touch on me
With your warm and careful hand
Please take it slow and remember please
Remember I’m just a man.

Meggie Gultiano 22 November 2008

a lovely piece, a wonderful prayer.Enough for the day.

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George Wootton 29 May 2007

How true it is! Being born and reared on a farm and ranch I can certainly identify with your words here. God bless and keep them coming.

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Omar Ali Sabar 22 August 2008

Well thought out...as a farmer relies completely on the power of his Lord. the Lord of the weather. His fate depends not on the help of man but solely on the presence of God.. well done 10/10

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Margaret O Driscoll 08 May 2016

A heartfelt prayer, Marilyn

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Ken E Hall 10 July 2011

So true for them souls on the land a really well written poem...regards

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Kesav Easwaran 23 August 2009

Humble and sincere your farmer is, Marilyn...farmer or not, easily the ideal prayer for every human being...sweetly composed...10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 22 April 2009

Madam, The speciality of your poems is that they are in simplest language, the kind our Mahatma Gandhi used and indeed very nourishing the thoughts. Very powerful prayer. The God must melt down to help the farmer.

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Ernest Lee Clary 19 February 2009

very good marilyn-i also liked the day at the park and common man too- thanks for voting on my poem i always return the favor respectfully ernest

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Marilyn Lott

Marilyn Lott

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