A Fathers Tribute Poem by Loyd C Taylor Sr

A Fathers Tribute

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Fathers …
They are strong
When we need protection.
They are tender
When we need affection.

Fathers …
They are near
To chase our fears away.
They work hard
To provide day after day.

Fathers …
Their tasks many
Free minutes are so few.
They are special
For all the things they do.

Fathers …
They are disciplinarians
Yet soothe our pains away.
They are spiritual leaders
And taught us how to pray.

Fathers …
They are heroes
Though perfect they are not.
They are gracious
Our flaws some how forgot.

Fathers …
They are misjudged
In time they've given us.
They give wisdom
Through words spoken in love.

Fathers …
They are treasures
So today let us start,
Honoring our Father
And love with all our heart.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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Chaminda Pushpadewa 16 February 2019

Father who is a treasure which can used to sons great poem thanks

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* Sunprincess * 23 April 2015

.....a beautiful tribute to fathers....the one I had passed away, before I was one years old....but it's nice to see other people enjoy a father....the only father I have, or ever had is my God in heaven ★

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Louis Rams 19 February 2015

one word for this: TOUCHE

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Ramesh Rai 15 September 2014

Mother is great in our society but we can not ignore the sacrifice of a father who has to work hard for the family. A very worthy poem revealing the presence and existence of a father. Thank you for sharing. Regards.

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F J Thomas 30 June 2014

I did not experience this type of father; but I imagine I would be very proud of him had I had one like this. Your words are beautiful Loyd; words I hope you yourself were able to experience ;)

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