A Tree Perspective Poem by Loyd C Taylor Sr

A Tree Perspective

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I've seen you in this barren space
Standing majestically tall,
I've gazed upon your elegance,
From winter through to fall.

I thought of you, here all alone,
Then these questions arose in me:
Are you sad? Do you have a friend?
Tell me, please, Lonely Tree.

'Lonely? I cannot say that I am, '
It seems I heard it say,
'For I have lots of company
That visit night and day.

Above, I have the puffy clouds,
The warm sun shining bright;
My arms caress the songbirds,
While they‘re resting from their flight.

In darkness, I'm never alone,
For so many stars appear
And cradled high in the sky,
The golden moon is always near.

I have the wise old hoot owl,
Night critters that stop by,
The playful fish in the pond,
The sound of a lone wolf's cry.

Music plays through my limbs
When tickled by the breeze.
Crickets and jar-flies serenade
Nature's song in melodious ease.'

I said, 'My friend, you're right,
These things I know are true.
I'm glad I came to this spot
And spent this time with you.

Thanks for this tree perspective,
Your words have given me,
How foolish I was to assume,
You were just a lonely tree.'

© Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

A Tree Perspective
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,nature,perspective
Note: I lived on a farm for a short while. One evening as I gazed over the countryside, I noticed this tall persimmon tree. It stood all alone, near a pond and overlooking an empty field. The thought stuck me, 'You must be lonely, Mr. Persimmon tree.' But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how wrong I was, for the tree gave me a different perspective. Later I wrote this poem and titled it 'A Tree Perspective'. I hope you enjoy, LoydWritten January 2011
Lorraine Colon 13 January 2015

What a lovely poem. To look at life from a tree's perspective is quite amusing. No need to feel sorry for the tree - it has ample company. I just loved reading this, Loyd.

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Lawerence Mize 13 January 2015

Very nice poem. I liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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Valsa George 16 January 2015

Music plays through my limbs When tickled by the breeze; Crickets and jar-flies serenade Nature's song in melodious ease......... Love these lines! Nature teaches us many valuable lessons. The lone tree never feels that it is lonely.... it sees many companions around! Man makes fuss over many things.... Even in a crowd, he is lonely! How happy we would be if we could develop the tree's perspective! A beautiful poem!

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Elisha Wall 14 January 2015

Insightful poem! It reminded me of Love's Philosphy by Percy Shelley...'Nothing in the world is single; All things by a law divine'. Thanks!

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KingKong 16 November 2017

I loved it so much I also recited it too

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KingKong 16 November 2017

Best poem yet

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 August 2015

Oh! What a great composition it is. So wisely and nicely depicted about the perspective of a tree. The favourite lines are..... I'm glad I came to this spot And spent this time with you. ...... How foolish I was to assume You were just a lonely tree. Many many thanks dear Loyd C, may God increase your poetic imaginatin.

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Richard Netherland Cook 27 April 2015

Really enjoyed. My kind of poem written with imagination. Richard Netherland Cook

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Lyn Paul 05 February 2015

So meaningful especially with your notes and picture too. Thank You Loyd. Congratulations too on your book.

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