A Feather In The Grass Poem by YURI DURAAN

A Feather In The Grass

Rating: 2.8

I found it
A lone feather on the lawn...
the evidence that a greay dove
was here, earlier

Doves cannot speak
my language,
but this dove told me
for certain, that it was here
by leaving the feather....

Will future travellers find some
piece of me
and know that I existed?
Will my soul linger in an object
treasured by following generations?
Will this immense love which lives
in me find a vacuum in which it can
exist for eons to come?

I do not have a feather to leave
you, my love
I speak a different language

my legacy
is You.

Estrella Baldemosa 13 July 2008

your poems leave an inextinguishable fire, a mark that will survive, a love that lingers...beautiful as always...

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John Kay 03 April 2009

Yuri-your simple, sensual, pure and honest poetry is a discovery for me. I almost never comment on poems. Never, in fact. These touch me. They reach off the page and whisper in my ear. John

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Adeline Foster 21 September 2008

Your poems are exquisitely breathed. I would like you the read one of mine which has the same though as this one. Called Who Am I. These have some of the same thoughts as Shakespeare’s Sonnet 17. Wonderful. Adeline

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Mark Nwagwu 24 July 2008

Oh, my goodness! i screamed, Yuri, after reading this work of sky-blue beauty. What do I leave behind that I may be remembered, that that someone, or anyone, might know I was here. You are here in your poems, they are eternal ever searching (and enriching) the hearts of humans. With warm memories this memorable feather on the lawn gets my 10

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 19 July 2008

Certainly your beautiful poems will linger to make you immortal.

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Stone Granite 14 July 2008

Exquisite contemplative tribute – ‘my legacy is you’ is stated perfectly! 10

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