A Man In Time (Tribute To Nelson Mandela)

From the ashes of the mind he arose to the pendulum of a man in time.
When the doors of life closed his flesh the doors of his mind expanded.
Searching the heavens he found the whispers of the wings of angels.
Collaborating with the throne of grace he became the instrument of justice.
Holding his silence in the deep of nights the world forged a Nephilim.
Holding forth the light in the darkness was a man in time.
The creation became engulfed with the prison that was set before him.
Learning to create strength in weakness a man in time was born.
The hands of apartheid chained him to the earth not to be heard again.
Time and words were given up and lost in obscurity was a man in time.
The exile in years to come became the eruption in time to come.
The doors of hell were released and the spirit of life was renewed.
Ascending to the high court of the land a man in time was fused in the land.
He brought forth the justice that laid dormant by the hands of ignorance.
The volcano erupted and life was displayed as the FATHER of our souls created it to be.
The swift cry of afflictions and pain was heard in heaven and the doom settled in the night.
When the cross at Calvary rent the veil of the temple apartheids fate was sealed in the blood.
A man in time solidified his walk with the doors of righteousness that hastened to be heard.
His voice became the battle cry for the oppressed for dehumanization and travailed to wisdom.
Standing on the word of the CREATOR he was propelled on the platform for which he began.
In the spirit of Steve Bilko his voice went across the soiled blood stain land of his forefathers.
Standing triumphantly and declaring freedom his offsprings would live where destruction once stood.
A MAN IN TIME delivered a nation for the cause of humankind his spirit will forever be his legacy.

Dimitrios Galanis 01 February 2016

An hymn of different dimensions than known.

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