A Girl Named Sara Poem by Jessica Elizondo

A Girl Named Sara

Rating: 5.0

Sara was only sixteen. She was happy all the time and her heart

seemed to be in order, or thats what she wanted people to think. Sara

was in her own world, a world filled with pain and regret. A world filled

with heartbreak and tears. She cries at night and puts on a smile in the

morning before she heads off to school and kisses her mom goodbye.

But whaen she gets home she wipes away the make-up with her tears

and her fears catch up to her. Sara believes in God 100% and wanted

to be saved. But Sara Still hides the pain inside and finally she takes

the blade and cries as drops of blood hit the floor, drip after drip shes

reminded that this won't help her. She wipes up the blood and dries

the tears, she falls to the ground and darkness suronds her. She

screams and just wants to let go of all of it. Shes sick of all the

disapointment and the lies that are put in her ears, the ones that crush

her heart till it's nothing. She calls out to the only person who won't

forrget her. 'God protect me! Dry the forsaken tears! Please Lord

Save me from this monster! I'm done lying and pretending! Heal these

scars and the ones on my heart! Please Lord, Heavenly Father! Help! '

Sara collapes and Strong hands wrap around her, she knows whats in

the future now. She silently whipers, 'Thank You, ' 'Sara my daughter,

I'm am always here for you.' Sara smiles, Gets ready for school and

knows in her heart she is free.

Bobbie Mcnay 28 November 2008

i know how sara feels

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 01 September 2008

Vow! Girl you have write it well.

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Serenity Prayer 19 August 2008

i thought it was interesting how you used the name Sara 'cause i thought Sara Bing at first but then i realized that its not her. lol. but i like it. great job.

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