God Poem by Jessica Elizondo


Rating: 4.8

God didn't make quiters, just procastinators.

God didn't make worthless, he made worth while.

God didn't make losers, only winners.

God didn't make unlovable, he made true love

God didn't make a mistake, he made a gift.

God didn't make ugly, he made beauty.

God didn't make broken hearts, he gave us love.

God doesn't let us fall, without helping us get back up.

and friends are the siblings God forgot to give us. =)

God works in mysterious ways and we pray and he answers them but maybe not in the way we expected. Have faith and never doubt. He's here to help and is always here 4 us.

Jennifer Rivera 01 September 2008

God does work in mysterious ways

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Naé Tyler 01 September 2008

I can completely relate with the experience of God working in unexpected way. this is great, I love it!

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Samone Melrose 18 October 2008

good poem! God rules!

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Arabian Heart 16 September 2008

truly a higher being of perfection he shines his life on you may you take in his air and continue to live god is in everything even this poem

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 14 September 2008

Jess, there is a gift God gave to the poet world, and is is you...a 10 poem jess.

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Serenity Prayer 02 September 2008

very very true. great job.

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 01 September 2008

charming! I like the words, God didn't make a mistake, he made a gift. keep writing! could you read and comment on my poems too? Thank you.

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