Fearless Poem by Alexie Whitman


Rating: 5.0

Saw your brown eyes and curly hair
That breath-taking look, I couldn't bare
That innocent look with a mind so tough
Fell for you cause you were a diamond in the rough
You got that black shorts and a tight black t-shirt
And I got that caring heart which was a little hurt
But you found and healed me
Still thought it was a beautiful daydream
We broke rules all the time
Kissed behind my building cause publicly it was a crime
One of those long drive
That almost deprived us of our lives
But we didn't care cause we were fearless
However, I developed a fear which made me a mess
The fear of losing you
Because I really liked the view of me and you
You fought for me with the bad boys
With a complete bold look in your eyes
But soon we had to part our ways
However I was unable to let go
I wondered how everything for you was the same
But then I realized ‘Fearless' was your name!

Chinedu Dike 04 December 2022

Nicely expressed thoughts and feelings, very heartfelt and passionate. A beautiful love poem.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 December 2022

a thought-provoking poem, much to think about, Congrats for being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day.

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Abby Sze 27 October 2022

love it! how the 'fearless' echoes across the whole poem i felt like i am watching a movie.

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