A Good Place To Start Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

A Good Place To Start

Rating: 4.9

There are so many fine ways
to find love to finally win
the trust the heart of so many.

Bold to soft subtle ways
to court the first spark
to inflame a shy heart.

To gain the attention
of desired your beloved.
Interests held in common
is a good place to start.

To run with a runner
to dance with a dancer
to sing with a singer

play music with a musician
play sport with the sporty
party with the party person.

To hope to win
the love of a poet.
With no knowledge
interest in poetry.
Is not a good start.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock


Charming, intelligent, tender. I love this poem Laura

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Kieran J96 28 July 2010

sooo right! pplz should listen to ur wordz!

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Dwi Utami 25 July 2010

star oh star...everyone imagine about star, if i'have a wings like angel maybe i'want to fly and meet to star.Great creation you have style thinking, : thumb: : +10

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rated it 10...fantastic lines!

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Amrit Rathi 25 May 2010

[There are so many fine ways to find love to finally win the trust the heart of so many]-very practical poem! In everything we do with others if we start with what are common grounds, there is possibility better understanding and communication. Because the other person's some views are accepted at outset, he is more likely to compromise where he/she differs. I rate 8/10

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