A House For Sale Poem by sylvia spencer

A House For Sale

Rating: 5.0

The cold blows in through the back door
the boards creak as I walk across the floor
The windows are dusty and the walls have cracks
and the passage has signs where the mice have made
The garden has grass that is four feet tall, where the weeds
and nettles are having a ball. There also stands a FOR SALE
sign, but would you buy this house that is in such decline.
Yes of course I would, because I know I should and as
a property person I would make it good.
I would brick up the back door so the cold won't blow
and I would build a double glass porch where the light
will show. The floor boards will not creak because I will
replace throughout and there will be no gaps for the mice
to get out. The walls will be plastered and the windows made
clean, and I will lay down carpets fit for a queen and this
old house will be my money machine. The garden I will
landscape from top to bottom by digging up and throwing
out everything that is rotten. Rose bushes I will plant because
they are my favorite flowers and they won't be ruined by April
showers, because they bloom in June with scent and petals
that last for hours.This beautiful house is my very own home
I have so much love for it, I don't never want to roam.

Lisa Wilkinson 13 March 2007

Great imagination Sylvia, your poems always have me hooked! Pleasantries surround this poem.Lisa

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Scarlett Treat 28 February 2007

Ah, but what a joy for you, you old Homebody, Gardner, caring person! Grubbing away in the dirt and planting and weeding your word garden, to make your stories bloom....great job, my English Rosie!

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Duncan Wyllie 28 February 2007

Just looked over the fence here, only to find a wonderful secret garden of a poem Love it Great job again Sylvia Love duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 27 February 2007

For those who are willing to put their dreams into action, there is always hope of a better tomorrow. Cheers for this lovely, positive poem. Your sister and friend, Sandra

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