A Lady Makes Magic Poem by Tom Billsborough

A Lady Makes Magic

Rating: 3.1

She leans on a wall,
Which is completely green.
Her mouth is open
And she recites a sweet verse.
And when I approach her
She touches She a stone in the wall
And a door now magically appears.
She beckons me in and at once
I am dazed and seduced
By so many an exotic perfume.
She smiles and she sings
As she dances like a ballerina,
A dance quite sublime,
Along a pale path that leads through the trees.
In a state of stupor I follow
And we come to a hollow
Where elves in green bonnets
Sit on their red toadstools
And the fairies are dancing in circles,
Singing sweet melodies
While the pink blossoms
Flutter down from the tall almond trees.
I stay there a while
In that enchanted clearing
Until it is time to leave.

"Can I return? " I ask her.
"Ah, yes, my dear, " she smiles.
"But how shall I find you? " I ask.
"Oh, you cannot find me
But I can always find you
As long as you have faith
That what you have seen is true.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale
This is a translation of my own French poem 'Une femme fait magique'
Sriranji Aratisankar 30 August 2016

Tom this poem itself a magic... it is really enjoyable....I offer you 10....

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Tom Billsborough 30 August 2016

Thank you, Sriranji. I had a magic morning reading some of your poems. i loved the idea of the months. I hope you do one for September as it's my favourite month! Let me know, will you?

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 July 2016

Like an exotic perfume! Nice piece of work.

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Tom Billsborough 20 July 2016

Thank you, Edward. It's a pretty literal translation, more accuracy than artistry!

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Tom Billsborough

Tom Billsborough

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