A Letter To The Ignorant Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

A Letter To The Ignorant

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Kelsey I gave up on him
a long time ago.
He just hurt
too much.
No matter how much
I meant to him
you always meant more
and he would always rather have
you over me.
There are some things
I have to stop
and I couldn't have him around
for that.
So no worries
I'm nothing to be concerned about
I'm the one
he left behind.
Don't you see?
All hope lost
when he found my CAT.
My dear,
you are really quiet ignorant.
You will forever be
the one he chose
So honey,
go glare at someone else
and leave me to stitching up my heart.

Shania K. Younce 28 March 2014

Well written. I hope you are doing well. Bien!

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Romeo Della Valle 04 September 2011

I still see my dear friend that you are taking loud and clear but letting your words freely flow! I am very glad that you are still a part of us! Always wishing the best from my heart! 10+++ Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York! ...

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Monica Arlene 18 May 2010

Sad, but very well written

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It is always a nice thing when a wise letter can be penned to the ignorant. Thanks for sharing.

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