I'M Telling You This Now Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

I'M Telling You This Now

Rating: 5.0

I'm tired
and I'm hurt.
I can feel the tear in my heart
spreading farther
and farther.
The depression
is deep inside my veins.
So deep that I don't need a reason to be sad anymore,
I just am.
My charade is slipping, falling
people are starting to see through
They're realizing I'm not as happy
as they always thought I was.
I've stopped caring
as much as I used to.
I want to curl up in a ball
in my own secluded section of depression,
of hell
and stay there forever.
People are seeing
that the smile
I used to plaster on my face
every morning
has worn thin
and almost disappeared.
People are starting to notice
the red marks
peeking out from the shoulder of my sleeve.
I just don't care.
I hear their whispers.
their whispers hurt.
I'm not going to do anything about it.
I'm not goind to give them the satisfaction
of knowing they hurt me.
And I myself
have realized
I'm not as strong as I would like to be.
My heartbeat faint
my pencil strokes light,
I'm writing this to tell you,
I'm not worth waiting for.
Nobody could be worse than I am right now.
I'm cold with depression
and who wants that in their life?
I'm sorry that I can't leave your lives completely
but, I'll try to make myself
small and unnoticeable.
That's my promise to you,
I know it's small.
But maybe,
just maybe
it'll make up for it a little bit.

Catrina Heart 25 September 2009

well expressed thoughts and feelings well done in eloquence................Thanks! ! !

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James Mclain 23 September 2009

it is the deep depresions.. only the best..of good.. people live..and it only goes away.. when you find love..iip...we can fake it.. :)

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Patrick A. Martin 20 September 2009

Cheer up Rach you still got this old fart of a poet 'Down Under' who thinks you are the best thing invented since sliced bread. heehee I luves yer! !

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Darkness J 18 September 2009

Your poem is so touching and so powerfull chosen words. It's the way I feel sometimes. I can see how you feel but it's not the end of the world my dear, we must cheer up :) +10 and courage dear :)

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Romeo Della Valle 16 September 2009

Oh, Rachelle, what a very heart touching poem, feelings freely coming out not from maybe barren lips, but from the bottom of your heart, beautiful, I love it, you got my 10+ vote, Love and Peace, you are strong enough to survive in this world...Romeo

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