A Lion’s Roar (Fun Poem 36) Poem by David Harris

A Lion’s Roar (Fun Poem 36)

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They say a lion’s roar
can be heard five miles away.
Therefore, if you wake up one night,
and you hear a lion’s roar,
which is completely different
from the old man’s snore.
Don’t panic, the lion could be,
at least five miles away.
Then on the other hand,
maybe you should panic,
the lion could actually be
only five minutes away.

13 August 2007

Tandel 23 July 2021

Very nice

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Alison Cassidy 25 August 2007

This is a very cute piece David - silly too, which I like. You should read jerry's Laurie the Lion. If you're into lions, that is. love, Allie the Lioness grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Duncan Wyllie 19 August 2007

I have been known to wake myself up snoring and yes, A lions roar could be a fair desciption of it, great fun from you here David Thankyou for sharing it All the best Love duncan X

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Marci Made 13 August 2007

Nothing but bears around these neck of the woods...They like to come in and destroy the porch, think they belong there, as every new cul de sac filled with beautiful homes leaves not much space for them to roam...No joke, they have to tranqualize one at least once a week in a few towns around me as well...Lions, I would freak. Now the snoring, just pinch the nose of the snorer [is snorer a word? ? ] and it stops. Make sure they don't wake up as you may get thrown out of bed. Cool poem David.~~~~~love, marci.xo. :)

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David Harris

David Harris

Bradfield, England
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