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A Little Bird Called Hope

Rating: 5.0

On a sky west and crooked
flew a little bird called hope.
It flew with a message to tell everyone
that where there is hope,
love and charity are very soon to follow.
That where there is peace,
the winds of war will soon disperse.

Andrew mark Wilkinson 10 November 2007

It's taking it's time getting here David...10

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Scarlett Treat 10 November 2007

Ah, but the secret is to get those winds of peace to blow out the cannon fire...and smoke...and death.

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Alison Cassidy 21 November 2007

A lyrical piece about flight and light and wings. When the dove and the bluebird join hands, the words of your poem will come true. A miracle, perhaps? love, Allie xxxx

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Lee Degnan 19 November 2007

Wishing you Hope, Love, and Charity cross your skies too, David... Thank you for the lovely thoughts and a sweet poem! Hugs, Lee

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Meggie Gultiano 15 November 2007

I hope that little bird Hope will reach us here in the Philippines..many people lost hope because of poverty and injustice...this is a nice message, David..thanks for this

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Duncan Wyllie 11 November 2007

Dear David You have shown us that you have the capabillies of putting together a wonderful poem in just a few lines. Many of us have occomplished lesser poems using many more Take care keep up the good work Love duncan X

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Sid John Gardner. 10 November 2007

Faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love (or charity) as the King James version says.A good message that everyone should hear and put into practice..Nice one David. Respect... Sid.

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