A Little Dream Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

A Little Dream

Rating: 5.0

It’s trembling sadly in the misty air,
It fears to near you and touch your arm.
I squint at it, and I see it get scared.
I remain calm and silent not to harm

The little dream between you and me.
It doesn’t know yet it’s unwanted,
It still thinks it’s beautiful and free,
The little dream I’ve just created

About going for a walk downstream,
About dancing on a forest clearing.
What a poor, little, and unreal dream,
Such nice, such bright, such trusting...

It hides its face in the back of beyond,
It freezes as if it went into a trance.
The little dream seemed true and fond
Yet, yet... it had nothing to do with us...

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 25 April 2008

its a little dream.....but full of dreams.........

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Donny S 16 June 2006

I can feel this dream as though it's in front of me! Great poem written here Ms Jolanta, keep up the good work! [a 10/10 from me...] - Dona

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Patricia Gale 16 June 2006

Dreams big or small I believe help the creative flow. Which this write is. Patricia Gale

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Sandra Fowler 09 May 2006

What a poignant and wistful write. Dreams are essential to the creative process. My applause for this one. Warm regards, Sandra

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