Help Him, God (To M.) Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

Help Him, God (To M.)

Rating: 5.0

Help him, God. I beg you for support
For the lost soul at the sad moment.
Give him some consolation and comfort,
And don’t let him experience this torment.

Look at the human being with your favor,
And remove this burden from his heart.
His suffering – so great is the horror…
Please don’t be so long a way apart.

Help him, merciful God, all the while.
Don’t be insensitive to the poor creature.
He can’t notice any chance in his lifetime,
With immense fear he thinks of his future…

Help him to name things anew, rebuild his world,
And create a new order in his mind,
Console him with one gesture – one word,
God, he trusts you and loves you at heart.

Meggie Gultiano 16 August 2007

a very touching piece, and a selfless plea for the One who knows it all. thanks, Jolanta.. love and hugs, Meggie

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Claude Davis III 01 August 2006

Very nice, i have a similiar poem, but not as good as yours When people prayer its almost always for another, just like in your poem, its very caring, the first 3 words say it all. Good work Claude III

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Geoff Warden 14 May 2006

WOW what a heart felt moment prayer....... even if not ment for me I gladly agree.........

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Sandra Fowler 14 May 2006

What a passionate and heartfelt prayer. I feel empathy with your sadness. Warm regards, Sandra

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