A Living Dream 20th Aug 11 Poem by arooba hameed

A Living Dream 20th Aug 11

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yesterday, in my dream
you came to me

i was on an unknown spot
on an expedition un-plot

you wore a yellow half sleeved shirt
and you wanted to go down just

down the rabbit hole we went
beauty uncovered as we went

flowers and greenery gazed with awe
and mountains stood high, as we saw

we were soon accompanied by your brother,
and just ahead stepped in your sister

we took the slippery slide down the whole.
together, yet one by one like a mole

slipped down and down to a destination unknown,
and searched for a path which was un shown

with your intelligent brain you viewed a path,
and we followed you into the shaft,

we were shocked when we arrived at the airport
and you departed me at that fort

then i came to a sudden stop
and saw a house behind a cop

celebrities stood in front of my gaze
but i tell you it was not maze

cross my heart, he stood like a gentleman
and accompanied me with his friend, a fan

the once blurry house stood so clear
and the celebrities make their way out as we did cheer

uncertainty of the dream, was untold
as a stranger approached me she told

but then i saw you again glimpsing a smile
and i hope that image stays saved in my brains file.

Pranab K Chakraborty 12 September 2011

Dream-journey narrated very well. Colours are many. A 'You' is illustrated well and at its end the subconscious meets with conscious, so your journey in real surface could take a gallop from any moment. Hold the rein by strict hand. Thank you......10

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Jim Troy 11 September 2011

Full of fun an bright in color and much beauty sliding down that hole with many path's to choose and then the surprise end of journey and knowing smile for your forever file. Romance and longing in wonderful conclusion. You ARE a poet is what I can say for sure.. So much joy in reading your paintings for the mind to feast upon. Please give us more. Jim Troy

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Stefanie Fontker 11 September 2011

Sounds like an interesting dream. This is a very beautiful poem, I hope you continue to write more like this. You have a talent.

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