arooba hameed Poems

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Poor Unfortunate Souls

the children, oh children
what was their fault
was it to be born in a family
with out a father mother or a brother


Like the blue sea, under the gorgeous moon light
i sit on the stonme holding your hand really tight
the water waves move, in the light really bright
i'm trying to put myself together with all my might

A Friend Or A Heartbreaker?

why does friendship has to suffer,
in this stupid summer?

i thought forever meant always

My Beloved

it feels like forever since you left us
yet your sweet smell still lingers
we are, since you went, a complete mess
and it memory still triggers

A Living Dream 20th Aug 11

yesterday, in my dream
you came to me

i was on an unknown spot

Best Care Taker

she is splendid dance
but she is called the beautiful disaster

Beauty Murderer

If i ask you to forget about me
would you be so kind as to do it someday?
though that is not what i want it to be,
but then again who can make dreams come true, by one say?

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