Best Care Taker Poem by arooba hameed

Best Care Taker

she is splendid dance
but she is called the beautiful disaster

she can steal away your heart
in a matter of minutes shell tear it apart

yet you blame her for the one thing she didn't do
& it broke her heart, do you have a clue?

she was long before the beauty queen
a perfect mother & a sister as you had seen

but something on her way made her all bad
and yet u defy to be fully sad

she has a young girl bought up with out a father,
& now are you gonna bring her up with out a mother?

how would she survive without tearing apart?
& you all know it would tear her from the heart...

her mother would perfectly raise her up
& all those flaws she would hide in her up

give her a chance to prove herself
and don't just put her on a suspicious shelf

she will get better from her mother
because she will be always there for her

Saadat Tahir 21 September 2011

a bit sad and hard to do.....but well expressed.... nice :)

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 August 2011

Self help is the best help as a corollary to your poem but Allah must give us puerile people chances so that we prove ourselves to be human beings.Well written.Motherly emotions are also heartfelt and heart-rending.

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