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the children, oh children
what was their fault
was it to be born in a family
with out a father mother or a brother

Like the blue sea, under the gorgeous moon light
i sit on the stonme holding your hand really tight
the water waves move, in the light really bright
i'm trying to put myself together with all my might

why does friendship has to suffer,
in this stupid summer?

i thought forever meant always

it feels like forever since you left us
yet your sweet smell still lingers
we are, since you went, a complete mess
and it memory still triggers

yesterday, in my dream
you came to me

i was on an unknown spot

she is splendid dance
but she is called the beautiful disaster

If i ask you to forget about me
would you be so kind as to do it someday?
though that is not what i want it to be,
but then again who can make dreams come true, by one say?

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im a teenage girl whose impractically w8in for the result (fr o levels) i like writing poems to show my feelings sometime, or songs to show my emotions if someone sees them, i like to write stories reflecting my image. i like to do things according to what feels right, i'm really friendly, but u hve 2 know me before you can criticize me, like my Favorite books quote 'dont judge a book by its cover' i love my friends for being there for me, alwaysz i like to put others before my self, which give me a positive feeling i like to save my mother earth from every harm and even those ppl who r being criticized for no appropriate reason i have tons of favorite quotes from all famous i like sports, reading, socializing but laately due to a big loss ive lost all my passion for everything, but now my friend told me about this site, by which i wanna bring a positive change by my stories n poems i love to bake well my future intentions are uncertain, caz they keep changing, from time to time, but what i coze now i hope ill stay put)

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Poor Unfortunate Souls

the children, oh children
what was their fault
was it to be born in a family
with out a father mother or a brother
or was it to be born at all?

poor children, oh children
who is there to help them
their uncle and aunts,
their relatives or friends
or is it, that there's no help at all?

dear children, oh children
my heart cries with pain and sorrow,
it wails for you loses
it aches to find out if poverty has gone sideways
is their anyone who feels their pain at all?

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Khurshid Anwer 11 August 2011

sincere true feelings... presented nicely....

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