A Friend Or A Heartbreaker? Poem by arooba hameed

A Friend Or A Heartbreaker?

why does friendship has to suffer,
in this stupid summer?

i thought forever meant always
but i guess, it has to go side ways.

you kept me on the heel
and didn't even know how i would feel

between my family you made me choose
but a stupid plug you did fuse

you stabbed me right in the heart
when you knew it would tear me apart!

ain't friends supposed to talk and share?
every single conceptual thing they did bear?

as these tears join in the corner of the eye,
i remember, my heart was recently set on fire

i hope an apology would set it right
but who am i kidding it was a perfectly logical fight

though it will kill me night and day
sorry, but the thought of you cannot stay

it has gone, way beyond amend,
so take a new BFF i recommend

i'm sorry but i can no longer pretend
but seriously it is a wound no one can mend

Jim Troy 11 September 2011

Arooba as you may know within you shadow depths of being a human, living a lifetime on this planet is not easy. There is much sorrow and pain in our growth and no one will escape from all of it. Rising above loss does strengthen and mould a person for a keener edge or sharpness that in finalaty directs us to be a friend to our own self. Loving our friends deeply and passionately but also having a detach in place. We can never fully rely on expectations from another person. People have flaws and it helps to understand that. It makes loving them an even closer bonding. Forgiving their imperfections and hurtful ways... Choosing to rely upon ourselves in over aoo else. Jim Troy

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 August 2011

A friend befriended with hopes and pleasure is worth it when at bad times the genre called friendship proves itself.At good times anyone is a friend.But some prove wrong and this is where life has to be taken with a pinch of salt.Let him only be a good memoir that passed ur way.When its too much incumbent, then it normally as always bring an aura discomfort somewhere in the long run.Love is like a cat who loves fish.It cannot smell something different.Therefore is love.

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rooba royale 14 August 2011

Yoonoous Peerbocus... i dont seem to get your comment can you please dont mind explaining..

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