My Beloved Poem by arooba hameed

My Beloved

it feels like forever since you left us
yet your sweet smell still lingers
we are, since you went, a complete mess
and it memory still triggers

the last time i saw you, full of life
it was on the last Saturday
you stepped out as a surprise
urging us to stay

your long hair was messed up
and your eyes showed a reflection
holding with in the tears in the cup
was a beautiful picture full of perfection

she cries and cries day and night
and leaves nothing else behind
you left us at first sight
making us wonder if we are truly blind

i know you are in a better place
but i ans she misses you so
i know we should give you some space
but with time we will let it go.........

hdhd dudjf 28 October 2011

This one's truly good...keep posting :)

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 August 2011

Saga of unrequited love here...Very passionate love expressed through compassionate poetry.Hopes float high here.So enigmatic and such beauty.Cheers!

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Shamin Shah 12 August 2011

very beautiful poem arooba... your poems really have rythum in them... i truly loved this poem.. keep up buddy

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