A Girl From A Little Town Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

A Girl From A Little Town

Rating: 5.0

In a little town, close to a park,
Lived a girl in a small house.
She had a dog, who liked to bark,
And always had a cold, black nose.

This girl grew up in the town at last,
And dreamed to leave the city fast.
Her dog was unhappy and sad,
But she decided to follow a lad

Who lived in a very big city
Without any nice dog or cat.
The boy was nice and even witty
And bore a funny, little hat.

The girl dreamed colorful dreams
About the future, interesting life.
And she thought: “I’ve got a good wheeze,
I’ll be a beautiful, young wife! ”

The boy sensed the coming prose
And vanished fast into thin air.
She had to remain in the small house
With the happy, black dog to care.

Greenwolfe 1962 25 June 2008

What a wonderful little story. Creativity is hard to find. I've found it. GW62

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 March 2008

nice works jolanta, keep writing.

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BEAU GOLDEN 02 July 2006

this is a nice piece of poetry. I look forward to reading more!

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Nalini Hebbar 22 June 2006

men will always be men...they run...nice theme...loved it

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