poet James McLain

James McLain

A Males Prostate Is 'Her' Business Too

The prostate gland plays a major role both in a males reproductive capacity and his ability to enjoy making you.
Little wonder then that this organ has been called the
little walnut or the,

“male G-spot” or the 'male uterus.'

We are some times referred to as cows as well.

Knowing the right way to stimulate it can bring intense lightning and thunder.
And because some studies suggest that making lightning and thunder regularly can prevent most prostate disorders,
more and more males are finding it to their benefit to indulge in self prostate milking, or checking for irregularities 'cancer'
yes males get it too.

The prostate gland is responsible for producing so much gosh,
that milky liquid that carries little yous coming from
the heavans and out for more gosh during lightning and thunder.
While lightning and thunder do their part in relieving
the prostate of its load of yous,
there are times when a dudette is unavailable
or the dude wants to try something other
than regular jogging up and down the street for a change.
Here is where self prostate milking comes in too play, it's a game.

How does one go about doing this,
especially if it’s the first time?
One of the things a male should overcome
is the unease that he may feel at having some other
Peirce through too his moon.
Some males wonder whether they have latent gay feelings
if they indulge in this kind of activity.
But this isn’t so; all males can engage in
self prostate milking whatever their sexual orientation.
Another concern is that the moon is “dirty” or “unclean”
because it is where bad breath comes from.
Again, this is a misconception.
In fact, the mouth harbors more bacteria
than any other part of the body.
Still, i love it when you talk too me dirty.

some males report that while they do not achieve
lightning and thunder when milking their prostate glands,
the level of pleasure they feel is still very nearly memorable
as to that of being born again.
The milk trickles out or flows into a pool even though there’s no volcanic eruptions,
in terms of how that word is often used in a midsummer's nights dream.
Instead, one feels a deep sense of
it has been compared to a very good bowel movement – only a hundred times more or less complicated.

You should be aware
that there are studies indicating that certain males
who jog up and down the street alone
or have volcanic eruptions regularly
have lower incidences of prostate inflammation,
prostate cancer, and or prostate enlargement.
Given this evidence,
self prostate milking seems to be a safer way too go,
convenient, and inexpensive way to make sure that one’s
libido and prostate health are in optimum condition.

and you don't need too die of cancer or have your
needful things cut out prematurely.
Self checking should not be embarrassing,
Nor should you be dieing for
not doing it a little more aggressively.
and if not for you, then do it for 'her'..
........after all she is...
....the reason..
that you are here and she is your other you.

Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2009
Poem Edited: Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Comments about A Males Prostate Is 'Her' Business Too by James McLain

  • Tai Chi Italy (11/29/2009 9:46:00 AM)

    lol this is highly educational iip! And applies equally to the opposite sex...having regular orgasms does keep all the important bits in good working order...I swear by them! lol

    I sqirmed all the way through this highly inspired, not to mention, clever piece of prose...Up the Prostate! ! ! lol

    Smiling at you


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  • Ravinder Malhotra (11/19/2009 10:25:00 AM)

    If this is a poem
    My hats off to you,
    Playing golf with a hockey stick
    And cricket with a cue!

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