A March Day Poem by Nosheen Irfan

A March Day

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Bursting bloom of beauty
Bringing on a scented swoon
Rose-beds, fully-clad trees
Flowering into a fragrant finery
Melody of the mirthful muse
Melting the melancholic mood.

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A March Day
Friday, March 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,nature,spring
Sydney Rivers 04 March 2016

Beautiful images, uplifting verse!

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Souren Mondal 06 March 2016

I really love this poem Nosheen.. In many ways March is the time in subcontinent when, after a long winter, the gradual coming of Summer is announced.. The flowers in the trees, the beautiful scenary all around, and the purity of the season is really beautiful.. You have presented that beauty in a sublime manner.. Bravo!

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Daniel Brick 04 March 2016

The photo of the field of many-colored flowers illustrates your poem vividly. Not that it needed a picture: your words created perfect pictures in my mind. The sheer wonder of new growth in spring you brought to life in your enthusiastic verse. But it's not just color you celebrate: the aromas of flowers is almost too sweet to bear! But there's more: you show how the physical beauties of the season also lift our spirits. It's Nature gift of emotional health for those who accept it. I love the alliteration of the closing two lines! MELTING MELANCHOLIC MOOD. Yes, that's the gift of spring. It's not yet spring here in Minnesota, but I read your poem as a PROPHECY of what's coming.

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Nosheen Irfan 06 March 2016

Thank you Daniel. Your comments give weight to the poet's words. You add to a poem's worth by your thorough analysis.

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Barry Middleton 04 March 2016

Lovely - exactly what spring does for the mood.

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Valsa George 04 March 2016

Wow......plants flowering into fragrant finery and the surroundings echoing the melody of the songsters! This tightly packed parcel of beauty is simply great! A 10

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Aarzoo Mehek 04 March 2016

Aaj to har taraf bahar hi bahar hai.... Beautiful positive breezy poem. Today seems to be a special day, there is positivity everywhere. have a fun filled day Nosheen One more beautiful gem from your pen. nothing less then 10+++

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Nosheen Irfan

Nosheen Irfan

Lahore, Pakistan
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