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A Million Pathways

Rating: 5.0

there is a million pathways
in the cramped city streets
there is a mllion pathways
all cramped with rushing feet
which one to choose?
where do they lead?
well thats up to you
its your life to live

there is a million pathways

for my confused mind to choose
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Allen, your title pulled me in...Your words, so passionate, kept me reading. Dorothy

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Great poem Allen! The life will be always a question of chooses. Its up to us decide.Nobody can do that for us. Please read my poem Madness to love and comment it, won't you?

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i like this poem, nice one....it screams reality..

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Sekharan Pookkat 14 May 2013

Choose the best pathway comfortable to you which is comfortable to others too

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Marx Lenn Mendoza 04 December 2012

this is a beautiful poem... and a great poem to use an advice to people who have a lot of choices and dreams and not sure of which to go first... beautiful! i gave it 10!

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T. Alfred Norman 05 January 2009

life is a labyrinth of choices, leading us down pathways we constantly question...'are we going the right way? '

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Sierra Love 23 December 2008

This poem was captivating! Your questions are something every person faces. It really screams reality.

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