A Mourning Interrupted Poem by Argentine Tango

A Mourning Interrupted

Rating: 4.5

The veil rose and fell with the wind
In front of her eyes as if waving farewell.
Her senses were muted,
Her unpainted lips moved
But whispered only silence.

All who stood in sorrow
Donned attire black as soot,
Which seemed to soothe her sorry soul.
Her world, since life was stripped away,
Sustained a shadow but for the cursed sun
Which blossomed in the distance -

A sunflower blooming among the gloom,
Hovering overhead on this particular day
As though to mock her grief,
As if to make light of the darkness
She both suffered and craved,
As if to steal her mourning.

She wished death to the unwelcome sun.
She implored Artemis to assassinate Apollo -
Another family relation to be sent to the soil,
Though this death she would celebrate without qualms,
As the night could take up permanent residence,
And shroud herself in its dark satin sheet would she.

Rick Elpers 12 January 2013

Amanda/Argentine, this is a beautiful poem. My comments could never do it justice. Suffice to say, to read it is a privilege. Pure artistry! ! ! Dark and illuminating.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 11 January 2013

Wow a fantastic dark poem. D mention of apollo adds to d flavor. And d begining two lines r my best, so admirable.

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