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While She Slept

Coyotes yelping in the distance
Crickets chorusing in the yard
Silent is the air, stilled by
The warm summer evening

30 Seconds

To spend time
Pondering the vastness
Of the universe.
Then instantly returning,

Breaking Invisible Barriers

Life devoid of touch
Clamors for relief
A hug a gentle kiss
The knowing glances

Done What Was Not

So now death succumbs
To my thoughts wrapped
In loneliness
Not that time doesn't own me

She Comes To Me

We see each other often
Through the window of language 
Different tongues speaking
Together one story 

Rick Elpers Comments

Tiffany Baldwin 15 December 2012

Your words are amazing and your vocabulary is ever going. I love the passion in your words and I feel the emotion behind it. I will continue to read, learn from, and support your love of poetry.

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Poetheart Morgan 03 September 2012

Eu reconheço um certo som doce, macio, redondo que sempre permeia os seus poemas. Como uma música romântica italiana cantada e nítida. Um certo amargor sometimes, well subtil. Sorry but i don't get put it in english i simple don't know how translate that! ! ! Beautiful Poet! ! !

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Shelley Jones 18 July 2012

I like reading your poems, great atmosphere and truth. Thank you

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