A Heart So Hollow Poem by Argentine Tango

A Heart So Hollow

Rating: 4.6

Oh how graced I must be to walk the hallowed halls
of that thing you call a heart.
A cold draft follows me out, for even the air is stale
and needs an escape.
Who knew one could contain so deep a chasm in one's chest.
A canyon for the viewing of passerby.
So hollow, the rhythmic beating resounds in ears miles away.
A drum of warning, come no closer,
for you might fall in. In fact, you may never hit bottom.
A free fall that comes with a price.

How proud you must be, for you are certainly one of a kind.

Kelly Seale 21 October 2012

Intense... Emotions displayed, raw, naked. Too bad his heart is so unfeeling that... your words will never touch him... at least, they touched me... Great Ink Argentine...Great Ink.; -) -Kelly.

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Colin Bradley 24 October 2012

very strong emotions in this poem, excellent

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Alla Simone 25 October 2012

Great metaphors and imagery througout really allow the meaning to shine through. Captivating beginning. Clever ending. Nice sarcasm & sharp wit ;) Thanks for sharing.

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Sahil Sood 02 November 2012

lovely work of words with emotions.. :)

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Ronn Michael Salinas 08 December 2012

I like the rhythm and imagery in this piece. But I disagree...not one of a kind. Hollowhearts: population, of many.

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Kim Barney 23 January 2015

Wonderful stuff. I'm adding you to my favorite poet list!

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F J Thomas 23 July 2014

Wow someone felt the bite on that one! A powerful piece Argentine; a certainty to this person's heartlessness. Beautiful

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Søren Valentine 23 January 2014

Whoa, this is really good. I love how you compare the heart to a canyon and: So hollow, the rhythmic beating resounds in ears miles away. So good. So very good. I've never thought of using such a hyperbole. I often think of the heart as another world or land, but... my, well that was quite excellent indeed. In a rather short poem you've covered a lot concerning a feeling I'm (and I'm sure many other people) are all too familiar with. Rubbish hearts... but good. Very good.

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Aloke Mukherjee 20 October 2013

A sweet bitter poem. The cadence is good and touches the heart and underlying emotion shook me!

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Khairul Ahsan 17 August 2013

A short but wonderful poem. So hollow, the rhythmic beating resounds in ears miles away. Well said.

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