'Let Go' Poem by Argentine Tango

'Let Go'

Rating: 4.8

“Hold on”
It rose, separating itself from the world it resented,
The heat of anger filling its puffy cheeks.
It was downcast and carried a shadow wherever it went,
Which some people noticed but simply avoided,
Removing themselves from its presence.
It grew dark and menacing, wanting someone to look up
And really see it.
Tears welled up and it released a cry of agony for all the world to hear.
Revenge ran like electricity through its veins
And tore through its surroundings.
Nylon blinders were already being thrust upward in the face of its suffering
Before it even had a chance.
Then it noticed someone standing below it with open arms,
Entirely defenseless,
Eyes filled with glistening drops that tasted so familiar -
Eyes that really saw it,
Eyes that seemed to say,
“Let go”

*loved Soul* Christian 19 April 2013

Deep and inspiring. keep on writing. and please comment on my poems

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Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 19 April 2013

Beautiful, emotional and a wonderful ending. So well written, congrats on your poem and thank you for sharing it with us.

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Khairul Ahsan 22 July 2013

Eyes that seemed to say, “Let go” What a lovely expression!

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Kelly Seale 23 May 2013

And then... I read on- to the next, and I'm overwhelmed by your words...Speeechless, I should say. Outstanding Write! ; -) Kelly.

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Alex Medina 29 April 2013

I very much like the contrast between the first and last lines. This empowers the story, granting the message emphasis, And by extension, greater meaning. The repetition at the end reinforces that. A well constructed piece. Kudos.

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Nader Baheri 28 April 2013

fabulous poem.i like it especially the ending~nb

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Danny Rushton 22 April 2013

I like your poem. I tried to rate it (10) but couldn't, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it seems my vote isn't being counted.

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