A New Deal Poem by ivor or ivor.e hogg

A New Deal

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A New Deal

The shouting and the tumult dies.
The people have declared their choice
they’ve chosen change: It’s no surprise.

The time has come long overdue
To break with past failed policies
try something different something new.

Both candidates have done their best
you must give credit where it’s due
But only one could pass the test

You’ve chosen your new president.
You did your bit let him do his
and hope that he proves competent.

To recognise what must be done
to rectify the errors of the past.
A daunting task for anyone.

Though he may lack experience
He’s flexible and he can learn.
You have expressed your confidence.

Remember he is just a man
Alone he can’t work miracles
but with your help perhaps he can

But he needs space and he needs time
to work out the priorities
and what reforms to put in place.

He has inherited a mess
which can’t be put right over night.
It has to be a slow process.

He’s not too proud to seek advice
he knows there’s much he does not know.
Just tinkering will not suffice

You have chosen by majority
to name him as your president
All that remains is wait and see.

If he’s the man the country needs
to show us there’s a better way
Just hope and pray that he succeeds.

He cannot do it on his own
and is entitled to expect
active support from everyone.

Who’s proud to be American
Restore us to our rightful place
amongst the family of man.


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C. P. Sharma 09 November 2008

a cool and realistic assessment of the whole scenario framed in poetic rhyme and rhythm with seasoned and deftly penned timely advice... long live ivor hogg. BR, CP

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Ron Flowers 06 November 2008

No matter who won, now is the time to work together to right what is wrong. If there is anything to be learned from the last eight years it is that citizens better start paying attention.

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good sir, this is why you are Ivor.. I agree with everything you said

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A tribute to a president. What I like most Ivor is your incredable balance and your powerful optimism. Thanks for sharing.

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Costa Anakiev 17 February 2009

Sir Igor, I'm far from the problems of this poem, but again I like the way you wrote this poem.

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Mark Hogg 14 November 2008

Ivor, i've wondered for a while now.. are we related in any way at all? Because i'm related to every other Hogg i've found on this site. Familiar with Jim or Harry Hogg by any chance? Anyway, this is a brilliant reflection of the main 'hot topic' around the globe just now; conveyed simple, with an interesting rhyme pattern. Great, in otherwords (: Mark.

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John Raubenheimer 13 November 2008

So many hopes hanging on this man... you have voiced what many people must be thinking.

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Fay Slimm 11 November 2008

A good btibute to all the hartd work that must have gone into the past few months, and now as your rightly say, it will need far harder work Ivor, to bring any kind of peace that is lasting. A good poem this. thanks.......from Fay

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ivor or ivor.e hogg

ivor or ivor.e hogg

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