A Paradisiacal Evening In Winter Poem by Y Sunita Devi

A Paradisiacal Evening In Winter

Rating: 5.0

The twilight brings with it the clamour of the night,
The herds in its sturdy tentacles of rope,
Plods slowly in the homeward direction,
As the end of the day marks by the full moon’s shine.

The mist and fog slowly covering the horizon,
Spreading all over the valleys and up in the hills.
Remaking a new world of the beautiful night,
With stars in its brightest light shinning in its fullest.

And the family-man with fast steps returning home,
With greenies, eggs, chickens hanging in his one hand,
And the other hand busy in choosing candies and pastries,
For the little ones that awaits him eagerly in his abode of happiness.

The joy in living – where one can be the presenter of hopes,
Being the light in midst of darkness prevailing around us.
Happiness just happens in its juggled little moments in everyone’s life
It just need to feel and realise in every breathe we take in our short life.

Kesav Easwaran 09 December 2009

a poet's view of an evening passing life-show...very poetic Winnie...thanks...10

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i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. :) it is well written and booming.

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 06 December 2009

A simple and picturesque narration of a simple life full of love and joy. Nice verse.

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Carol Gall 06 December 2009

what a lovely picture your words show happiness 10

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This picturesque poem unfolds line by line bringing joy to the reader. I particularly love the 3rd stanza with the family-man returning with goodies for his family. 'Happiness happens in the juggled moments of everyday life' and this is what I found so true as when we know this, we can live for the moments and enjoy them. 10 love Karin

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