Away From You. Poem by Y Sunita Devi

Away From You.

Rating: 5.0

Saw you treading,

away from me steadily.

Leaving in my heart,

deep anguish and pain.

Moments when we were together,

Started coming in an endless flash.

Taking me away from my present,

to the world of sweet memories.

Once so near and now so far,

It seems a distance of thousand oceans.

Raging so high,

Making things look even more far.

When the moment was drawning near,

I felt for the first time,

That I am going so far from you,

Away from the warm feelings we always had shared.

And I felt,

My love was not enough for you.

I could have love and care you even better,

Than all love I have showered on you from my childhood days.

N.B (for my sister)

Martine Kolber 30 May 2009

Words filled with love and so much more, beautiful, simply beautiful. Take care, Martine

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Catrina Heart 31 May 2009

Such a poignant composition................Thanks for the nice read i had......10

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Akram Awadat 01 June 2009

fantastic poem, very beautiful 10

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Lady Grace 01 June 2009

love during childhood..beautiful to the readers...grace

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Kesav Easwaran 06 June 2009

Love has its strange ways of assertion, Winnie...the more you are away the more it makes you yearnig for your dear ones...nice and passion well expressed...10

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Meshack Sewe 06 June 2009

so sweet...radiating strong passion for a loved sister....she must be be so lucky to have you...

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Lady Grace 05 June 2009

love is an unending story, it comes and it goes..this poem is well penned..grace

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Sebastine Humaemo 01 June 2009

A lovely tribute for a sister's love.....I bet, whn she read this, her eyes wll wet for sure....lovely 100+++ sebastine.....

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Ravi Sathasivam 01 June 2009

'My love was not enough for you.I could have love and care you even better' You made me to think of my sister too. Lovely poem. Great write Thanks for sharing with me.

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