I Will Be There For You Poem by Y Sunita Devi

I Will Be There For You

Rating: 5.0

When you would have crossed,
The threshold of youth and strength,
When your frail body would need a helping hand,
Then you will find me there by your side.

When in the pursuit of happiness,
You will be running a race against time,
Against the world and against yourself,
Then I will be there by your side to soothe you.

When the rush of the world,
And the turn of the tide,
Will make you beleaguered and weary,
Then I will be there to seat by your side.

When everyone walks out,
Leaving hollowness in your life,
When every morning brings you,
With the thought of you being remorse.

I will be there for you,
When nobody will be there for you! ! !


Catrina Heart 04 February 2009

A great and beautiful message of love and care...To be there when someone needs you in the worst of times.........10/10

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Karen Harvey 06 February 2009

Everyone needs someone to look out for them. a lovely reassuring poem. Happy writing.

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Nikunj Sharma 12 August 2009

A poem of friendship, love and promise....if you can be for others...they shall be for you too....gud write

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Catrina Heart 16 June 2009

Proud to know someone like you who stands to a friend through thick and thin...10+++

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Lady Grace 12 June 2009

even is somebody is already there for you, i'm still be there for you..grace

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Elias Galvez 18 May 2009

you seem the perfection of humanity-I look forward to having you or someone like you by my side when i 'cross the threshold of youth and strenght'. I love your persistence in love-you are a true lover-

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Naidz Ladia 17 April 2009

this is an honest feelings from an honest heart.... naizz

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