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A Pebble

Rating: 5.0

I would draw
Some scars
On papers
Would you buy
The wounds
For dollars

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: art
Valsa George 13 March 2018

A poet or writer bares his heart and shows the bleeding wounds through his writings and he looks for a market to sell them to make a living! What a delicate situation! So much said in so few lines! Great!

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Susan Williams 08 March 2018

The business ob being an author- -baring our soul in ink and selling those wounds on the open market. A very provocative poem and it should be recognized as poem of the day. 10+++++++++++++++++++++ and a spot on my fav list!

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Unwritten Soul 13 January 2018

Ahhhhh MJ did write the comment first i tried yesterday but problem occured. Hahahaha...Well here my words for your beautiful poem, its is a beautiful and provoking poem! sell the wound, i would say why not? scars had reason and story behind it and some relatable to any of us in their life, and we can learn from it as a lesson. care is a equal currency for pain as a lesson fees. nothing loss but a remedy will be revealed for both seller and buyer.

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