A Peg Of Prejudice Poem by Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss

A Peg Of Prejudice

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Ever since our government relinquished the bond which make us complete all for the love of bigotry, & beckoned falsehood to envisage our entity, going the path we reprimand.
Seeking a divorce to the twine that bind us became optional to many secessionists advocating the way we could thrive.
Our motion on peril, not giving our ward the choice to choose what is worth living on the hope that morrow 'ill be hale & yield us all good while headed by overage leaders with zero inventive prowess and still undermined the leadership of the Youths, alas our country suffer insanity of the mind & different setbacks.
Through the back door policy of regional encomium and government preferences of one ethnic domination over the other enmity broke out and dive into our national fabric fanning an ember to sweep peaceful coexistence off our feet to a distance beyond.
Now we are far behind life, ravaged in thought and developmental plans & still penelopize to lobby with the truth in finding a genuine life deprived of hate among ourselves.

Dr Dillip K Swain 04 November 2021

A brilliant poem! I sincerely appreciate the core of this write

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