{{{ A Special Fish For Me? }}} Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

{{{ A Special Fish For Me? }}}

Rating: 4.8

Yes there are many fish out in the sea,
but why can't I find one that will
best suit me,
well, I mean the fish in the sea are free,
yet all I keep doing is coming up is empty,
I start to believe,
then I begin to see, that, well, there just isn't one out there for me.

I go down to the sea, and I just look around,
well, again, there are no fortunate fish to be found!

Everyday I still continue to go down by the sea and sit down on the sand,
I look across the ocean and wonder is there another kind of
land to see,
to be able to relax and not have to act on command?
There is a fish for me,
because this is the way I was told it IS to be,
there has just gotta be that
special fish for me!

Uloia Norris Moore 27 August 2007

When your mind is at ease when you least expect not they come by the drove even close to the shore.skiping the surface trying to see if the fish you are for the searching is from the sea. Nice write thank you

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Ben Gieske 23 June 2008

Linda, for some the searching is the best; for others, the finding. But, of course, the searching can become tedious. I hope your search will end happily.

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rajagopal haran 09 November 2007

everybody has their own share; great poem Linda

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Michael Gale 09 November 2007

Well Linda, it seems ta me that there absolutely has ta be your kind of fish somewhere but maybe your trollin' the wrong local of lake or rivery population. Also- it could be in the way ya display your bait or what type of bait Some fishermen like ta display differently colored bait with maybe a wiggle or a fast cast and retrieve method. Great poem ya did here with great double hiden meaning. I hadda givya a tenner here kind lady of Pa. God bless all poets and readers alike-MJG.

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Jemarie Ragudo 07 November 2007

Try the river fish. You could be looking in the wrong place you know. When you least expect it, the one especially made for you for you will come.

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Subbaraman N V 31 October 2007

Yes! In the law of Nature every one has his own or her own special fish! Only thing is, one has to weait for the appropriate time that is decided by the Almighty! t

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