A Poem For The Seeker Poem by Esther Leclerc

A Poem For The Seeker

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Will you find that which you seek
Within the ruins of fire grown weak?
Ashes blown from hearth to heart
Choke life's breath, deaden its art.

Unburied in night, dreams do seek
One whose desire will not grow weak.
Enduring love envelops the heart,
While trust and faith rekindle life's art.


Not a member No 4 08 February 2007

A pure and highly poetic distillation of much wisdom. xx jim

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 08 February 2007

Poetic inveteration for those who dig deep for the underlyings of the work... THERE BE NO POETRY IF THERE BE NO HEART.....Beautiful work, Esther fjr

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Sandra Fowler 08 February 2007

Lyricism at its very best. Just lovely, Esther. Warm regards, Sandra

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Anna Russell 08 February 2007

Deep musical gorgeousness :) Hugs Anna xxx

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jack russell 10 February 2007

This is lovely, Esther...time to rewrite your bio methinks :) Hugz :) jack.

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Marvin Brato 15 February 2008

So true, there is always hope after some pain in failure, there is always love after being broken hearted... for life must goes on despite varied circumstances! Thanks for sharing. A 10.

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Emma Johnson 09 May 2007

One of your BEST. SUsie xxx

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Melvina Germain 07 May 2007

A beautiful poem of a love dieing but soon to speak of the possibility of hope to rekindle what one once had. Excellent poem Esther, I loved it.--Melvina--

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beautifully phrased wise words... no wonder this has proved such a hit, it sings to so many of us! Grand. t x

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Stephen Mills 10 March 2007

Excellent write Esther, and I love that line.. 'enduring love envelopes the heart' Quality stuff my friend, Well done!

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