A Dream.Mmm Lover Poem by Esther Leclerc

A Dream.Mmm Lover

Rating: 4.7

Defenseless I lay, cuddled up snugly in bed;
I'd done nothing to invite his appearance in my head
Except to drink in the danger of manic eyes
Earlier in the flickering light of his odd-guy guise.

I love the way he pretends to be something he is not;
That only I know the truth is a great turn-on.
His fake hysteria and nervous tics ties my gut in knots.
When he shows that toothy grin I am way far gone!

Arresting me with commanding tones so moonshiney smooth,
Adam's apple bobbing high as he jerks and 'grooves'.
Whipping out that gun (unloaded) , what an apt metaphor
For sex appeal, raw-boned and real - - Ooo, he's never a bore.

So calm down, baby... c'mon, honey... show me what you got!
Let's rip off that uniform - - I'll wear jussst your hat.
And what if you're skinny, just gimme that open-mouthed stare - -
Dear Don Knotts, I love you... Ohhh Lawdy, I declare!

Sandra Fowler 09 December 2006

Ten for your fantastic imagination. This one is really original, Esther. Warm regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 10 December 2006

Crazy woman - you get some weird ideas and rhyme some amazing poetry out of them. This one is 10+ for imagination and comedic timing. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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R H 10 December 2006

Though I can't picture this guy - you've made that easy - a wild and wacky write Est, full of energy and fun - definitely has your stamp on it. Very well composed, deserves to be read aloud. Justine :)

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Duncan Wyllie 10 December 2006

Your imagination and imagery paint alot of interesting colours Love duncan X

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Eila Mahima Jaipaul 10 December 2006

Now that you mention it, there is something about his lips... a very entertaining poem. -Eila

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Scarlett Treat 10 March 2007

Occasionally we stumble across things that make us have to change our drawers, and this one did it for me! Here I was searching for some sweet, toothsome delight full of a sensual dream..........and I got DON KNOTTS? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! You crack me up!

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Someone Else 23 February 2007

The Impossible Dream My Dulcinea could only be If I were Daddy to Lil Opie Perhaps my love could only be The Svelte and lovely dear Aunt Bea

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Barry Van Allen 11 February 2007

Esther, I was reading that wacky Danny Reynolds, and your name kept coming up with nice entertaining comments! I suppose that I never even considered just how warped that you really could be! - - - not even Andy? Well, at least you are not a Floyd groupie! (Forget that I just said that) !

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Robert E Hann 28 January 2007

Esther, I had to read it twice because it was even better when you knew the punchline in advance.4HA's, Robert

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Scarlotte Ibis 09 January 2007

I definately laughed out loud! Don Knotts in bed...a surprise! Fun read!

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