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Esther Leclerc Poems

1. Musing 3/13/2006
2. Wanton Woman 3/14/2006
3. The Perfect Candle 3/18/2006
4. The Wise Guy 3/26/2006
5. Be My 3/6/2006
6. The Right Set Of Lips 4/5/2006
7. To The Sun (A Haiku) 5/24/2006
8. Whisper For You 5/30/2006
9. Despair 7/5/2006
10. For One Who Mourns 7/9/2006
11. Couldn'T Care Less 7/30/2006
12. Funny, Isn'T It? 9/3/2006
13. A Pretty Mess 9/8/2006
14. My Spawn 9/15/2006
15. My Fat Feet 2/17/2006
16. One Moment 4/18/2006
17. It's All That Matters 5/17/2006
18. To Be... 2/27/2006
19. A Night Song 12/16/2006
20. A New Year - Begin Again 12/31/2006
21. Of Love And Self 1/7/2007
22. Niggling Need 4/30/2006
23. My Baby Plays Music (All Night Long) 5/24/2006
24. Cynics, Critics And Cranks (A Musing) 5/30/2006
25. Weakness 7/5/2006
26. Home, Quite Alone... 7/30/2006
27. Definition Of A Good Guy 7/30/2006
28. Tolstoy On Love 9/26/2006
29. Your Man-To-Be 9/28/2006
30. She Said... 10/24/2006
31. Think Twice (A Musing) 1/12/2007
32. A Dream.Mmm Lover 12/8/2006
33. Space-Time Continuum 8/25/2006
34. Between Sleep And Wakefulness 7/11/2006
35. A Poem For The Seeker 2/8/2007
36. Doggerel, Drivel And Dreck (Oh My) 5/5/2006
37. Obsession 4/5/2006
38. Never Once 3/26/2006
39. Help Me, Sleep 2/20/2006
40. Another Sappy Love Poem 3/4/2006

Comments about Esther Leclerc

  • Jerry Hughes (4/26/2007 12:22:00 AM)

    It's always difficult to individualise on poems when the writer is as good as Esther Leclerc. Suffice to say you're a joy to read, Esther. Warmly and always fondly, Jerry

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  • Brian Dorn Brian Dorn (10/4/2006 2:53:00 PM)

    Esther's poetry is representative of the notion of quality over quantity. Her work is dazzling, smart, humorous, compassionate and even intimate. She leaves her readers with a lasting impression and a yearning for more. Regardless of the topic, Esther is more than 'able' to impress!

  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (7/24/2006 9:48:00 AM)

    I have to take issue with Esther. The line in her bio, that is, claiming not to be a poet. Little could be further from the truth; though dishonesty is not a fault that she has and modesty is an attribute that she has in quantity. Her pieces variously inspire, lend a laugh, cause introspection and/or express fine observation; and have in common the one denominator of being finely written, intelligent, apt and engaging. Very, very much so. I am very glad to have been commended to read her craft, and so will you be.

  • Scarlett Treat (7/10/2006 10:00:00 PM)

    Witty, sensitive, born to write - all of these fit my dear friend, Esther. She can see the funny side, the sunny side, and as she gets better and better, she is getting into the depths and writing some truly hauntingly beautiful poems. I would say she is improving with age...but she would kill me if I did that! So I will just say you really must read her work. She is well worth it!

  • Chuck Audette (6/2/2006 3:15:00 PM)

    Esther is a fellow PIM* artist and a poet bursting at the seams with good humor, kindness and intelligence. I sometimes think she shares a brain with me - certainly possible if we're both half-wits? She embodies the best of Poemhunter - having fun, encouraging others and constantly improving herself. I can't say enough good things about her. Well, I could but it would get boring, so you might as well move along and read her very delightful poems.

    * Poetry in Motion

  • Anna Russell (3/15/2006 7:37:00 AM)

    Esther is witty, concise and sharp as a tack. She also has a talent for beautiful, haunting imagery.I know, I know, it's enough to make you sick isn't it? But put your jealousy aside for a moment and read her work - you will be well rewarded. Welcome to PH Esther!
    Anna xxx

  • Myra Jefferson (3/4/2006 7:20:00 AM)

    Saying more with less is quite a talent! Great poem, Esther.

  • Myra Jefferson (3/4/2006 7:18:00 AM)

    Saying more with less is a wonderful gift. Fantastic, Esther!

Best Poem of Esther Leclerc

Light And Darkness

houses house bodies
bodies house life

life houses souls
souls house light

light shrinks from darkness
darkness douses light...

yet Light overcomes darkness
with spiritual sight the beginning was darkness
darkness again at the end
awaiting those who despise Light - -
Light's gift of love for all men

yes, Light overcomes darkness
with love's perfect sight


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