Esther Leclerc Poems

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A Perfect Fit

out of passion

was crafted love

For One Who Mourns

Lil' firecracker, July child-to-be
Another sunny redhead, she hoped in vain
No, for you there were other dreams

A Poem For The Seeker

Will you find that which you seek
Within the ruins of fire grown weak?
Ashes blown from hearth to heart
Choke life's breath, deaden its art.

Light And Darkness

houses house bodies
bodies house life

life houses souls

Chance And Change

For one ruined in love, the old status quo
Offers comfort of a kind tho' cold.
Suffering neglect, your heart is a wreck,
Yet one's vow demands payment of debt.

Beauty Marks The Spot

Beauty marks are meant for kissing...
This girl's are found in places pleasing:
On her neck, scented and lissome,
On rounded cheek with smile so teasing.

A Dream.Mmm Lover

Defenseless I lay, cuddled up snugly in bed;
I'd done nothing to invite his appearance in my head
Except to drink in the danger of manic eyes
Earlier in the flickering light of his odd-guy guise.

She Said...

She quietly said, 'Milton... I love you.'
His light heart ballooned to the moon.
She flew out - - 'So shy! ' he thought, but he knew
That wedding bells would clanggg very soon.

Help Me, Sleep

Sweet, warm dark of night
pull me in and hold me tight.
Help me fight this awful scourge
of sleeplessness, and the urge

Between Sleep And Wakefulness

Rising to the surface
of morning altitude
Often the awakening more
than just a little rude

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