She Said... Poem by Esther Leclerc

She Said...

Rating: 4.7

She quietly said, 'Milton... I love you.'
His light heart ballooned to the moon.
She flew out - - 'So shy! ' he thought, but he knew
That wedding bells would clanggg very soon.

Long had he worshipped and followed her,
Sent her lingerie and flowers.
At long last his ardor had paid off
for ere long (drool) her clothes she'd doff!

Milton suffers a personal weakness:
Quite certain he knows false from true.
But to his wretched horror and bleakness,
He found out she'd said, 'I love Hugh'.

Anna Russell 24 October 2006

Hee hee hee! Loved this Esther, thanks for the giggle. (looks like our Chuck's got some competition in the humour stakes!) Hugs Anna xxx

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Chuck Audette 24 October 2006

Are you sure she wasn't talking about her favorite color 'olive hue'? Fun one, Est! -chuck

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 24 October 2006

Esther, you wrote with your pitchfork today, now admit it! Quite an amusing Read....I am not what one would characterize as a'laugher', however, there was a pronounced bellow heard by all in my general vicinity, upon my Reading the final line of your work....''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Uriah Hamilton 24 October 2006

Ha, ha, poor Milton! ! !

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Danny Reynolds 25 October 2006

Hugh must be Joe King? ; ¬) Danny

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Robert E Hann 07 February 2007

You know, ...I think that happened ME! ! it anyway. Robert

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Utterly hilariously wonderful! A shining juxtaposition of soaring emotion and watching it all come down (so to speak) .... t x

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Scarlett Treat 01 November 2006

This was just hysterically funny...poor Milty! Lucky ' Hugh' (for writing such a funny poem!)

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Will Barber 31 October 2006

Brilliant, just brilliant!

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M S 30 October 2006

nice twist, you really had me going there... i wonder what was the inspiration. cheers, masha

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