Beauty Marks The Spot Poem by Esther Leclerc

Beauty Marks The Spot

Rating: 4.8

Beauty marks are meant for kissing...
This girl's are found in places pleasing:
On her neck, scented and lissome,
On rounded cheek with smile so teasing.

Another hides where seldom seen
By curious eyes in day or dark;
Yet when she dresses privately
That curve 'bove breast shows beauty's mark.

These sweet signs of Venus's blessing
Are meant for enlightened men of earth
Who ken that women crave much kissing
for their beauty and inner worth.

Ross Lakes 22 November 2006

Inspiring. I think I'll go home and kiss my wife. Hmmmmm! Ross

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Anna Russell 25 November 2006

A sexy, gorgeous, great big kiss of a poem. Hugs Anna xxx

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Allan James Saywell 26 November 2006

Everything is beautiful on a woman so i will kiss you all over, great poem Allan James Saywell

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Nicola Burkett 29 November 2006

A sexy, sensual poem about the natural beauty of the female species. Well done..A deff 10 from me...... hugs Nickie x x

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Brian Dorn 19 November 2006

A sensual and affectionate write. It leaves the reader craving for more. Plus, some good advice for us guys! Thanks, Esther! ! Brian

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Jerry Hughes 08 May 2007

...intriguing, makes me want to see more

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Melvina Germain 16 February 2007

Another little lovely, I must say Esther, you are a wee bit sassy at times shall we say my dear. I love this little treasure, keep writing them and you know I'll keep reading them.---Melvina----

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Robert Howard 24 December 2006

Very classy and a little bit sassy. I may have to turn my computer off for a while to cool it down.

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jack russell 10 December 2006

You are such a tease, EL :) Mind now in overdrive thinking about dimples, curves and beauty spots...I soppose I oughta concentrate on topographical features of this kind instead :) A charming offensive on the inquisitive male... Keep those dimples smiling :) jack

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

I agree with Nicola and Allan. Cool poemo Esther Take care Roger

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