A Purpose Frozen In Time Poem by Quênia Lalita

A Purpose Frozen In Time

i do still wonder
if i happen to cross your mind
once in a blue moon
when some random stars align

because striking gold like that
was never in my plans
i looked out for any signs
of new monsters under my bed

sitting in regrets from way before
my legs got really tired
and i have grown to be so low
suppressing our desire

now that our promises are nothing more
than bitter dirt clogging your sink
still, i can't help but wonder
if there's any rope for that dead link

but i am likely just cold, dark water
under the same old bridge
i don't think my words meant anything
i was always out of reach

in the end, no moon, no stars
could have ever been strong enough
i am sorry you've given up on me
when my skin became too rough

yet i do still hope
a few of our stories will survive
if not this one existence
then our next lifetime

A Purpose Frozen In Time
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