A Question

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she was religious
everyday, all the time, in her corner,
she used to pray,
her hands toward GOD,
one day was the only place,
for the baby to stop crying,
to feel peace,
to go to sleep,
the girl, outside alone
was always waiting, crying, begging for them
just once to be touched by them,
there was just one answer,
'i pray for you'
i pray for you, i pray for you,
instead of the cruelty of this life,
when there is no air to breath.
what was the meaning of your prayers,
to the lonely sad girl.
she was just waiting,
they end.
you were hiding from the truth,
people are starving, dying
you could never give a hand,
to save one,
you were busy,
practicing love?

N. M. 19 August 2005

Hi Salma, I was touched by the way you described hypocrisy, you abort heavy silence very well... I enjoyed reading your text. Thanx Good luck!

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Santhosh Vijayakumar 13 August 2005

Dear Salma, That truly is a question unasked outside, but allways asked deep within. Regards Santhosh Vijayakumar

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Aashish Ameya 13 August 2005

Nice poem salma, it describes well that how people are ignorant of divine duty of serving to humanity and busy in mundane and materialistic things.

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Max Reif 13 August 2005

I understand what you're saying, Selma. Painful, the hypocrisy you describe-that its perpetrators may have been totally oblivious to.

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