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A Reminder.

Rating: 4.7

A bunch of dried heather
Now faded.
Long dead,
Still sits in a vase on
A table.
My bed
Faces it, surely I
Must obey

And throw it, with mem'ries
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Kris Smith 13 December 2008

It is still possible to move forward carrying the fond memories with us 10 +++ Chris

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Martin Swords 29 November 2008

Fay..... If it were not there....talking to you....would you have written this lovely little thought. No, it lives yet. Martin

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 23 November 2008

And....Never look back! ....Unless of course, one is referring to a second or third read of this short but oh, so very sweet pen-gem, young lass! Poignance, persoonified! Excellent metaphoric employment....Solid crafting, indeed! P.S...I like the abstract-smooth construction. You Rock, Fay! FjR

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Sid John Gardner. 23 November 2008

Fay Flowers are given to those we love.Unfortunatly they are sometimes given too late for the loved one to say thank you or throw them in your face.Flowers say so much.The colours and fragrance of each bloom relect the beauty of love and fulfilment that their recipient takes in his or her hand.I never was given flowers but if I had been I would have pressed them into a book and kept them for ever.Alas no-one to give flowers to ant more, Take care. Sid xxx

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Kevin Eaglesfield 23 November 2008

It's so hard to remove something that keeps one foot in the somewhere else.You've said so much with so few words.Kev x

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Susan Williams 23 April 2019

This quiet dignified poem deserves a thousand tens! ! ! !

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Susan Williams 23 April 2019

Yes, we should but the heart can be so unreasonable as to hang onto bittersweet memories!

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Sherrie Tappenden 14 April 2009

Long after any hope has gone. Long after the beauty and scent of reminiscence has left. Long after the charms of nostalgia have deserted us. How long we cling to those memories. Very enjoyable.

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T S 26 February 2009

I love the simpicity of this lovely poem. Moving on and holding onto memories is possible 10 +++ Tracy

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Darkness Everywhere 08 February 2009

thats a really good poem i really like it well done. kizzy

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