A Rendezvous With Repentance Poem by Sarvesh Kulkarni

A Rendezvous With Repentance

Rating: 5.0

The night
Spilled a thousand scars,
Bathed in its moonlight
Of indifferent repentance.

Wept its heart out
In the broken song
Of the fluttering night-crickets.

Poured out its grand sorrow
In the wisdom-sparks of its stars.
Flaunted its agony
In the flamboyance of the ocean.

It had its moment of glory,
A rendezvous with repentance…
When I was fast asleep
In a dreamless sleep.

And now,
As I wake up,
Why do I feel
That the morning light today
Is peeping stealthily,
Like the subtle silence
Of a half-hearted poem
Aware of its beauty,
But Unaware of its own delight.
Aware of its grandeur,
But unaware of its painful roots….?

Indira Babbellapati 10 February 2009

this reads ur best, sarvesh...

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Moushumi moushumi 09 February 2009

First four lines are terrific with a metaphor. The 'night' crawls here with its subtle mind enveloped with passion...the concept is very much flowing without pause.10+

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R Milana 09 February 2009

so graceful..loved it!

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Vaibhav Pandey 08 February 2009

fantastic poem sarvesh.....nice imagery...well done.

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Ankita Sharma 19 March 2010

hey..nice you saw the night...you felt it...then you slept and when you got up, you questioned

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Little Morning Star 20 February 2009

I like the last four lines of this poem and I also like this poem.. a great piece..

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Catrina Heart 11 February 2009

You have printed the twist and turns of life in the last stanza...great free verse form woven with fine metaphors...10+++

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Seema Aarella 10 February 2009

This poemm of yours is of a different height and depth, very talented, good use of imagination and allegory, the last stanza stands out.....fantabulous write! ! ! !

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Kesav Easwaran 10 February 2009

the first stanza lines are equally figurative too...good piece, Sarvesh...10

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