Downpour Poem by Sarvesh Kulkarni


Rating: 5.0

A poem is not the crowd of words
But the expression of the scattered Ineffable.
It is the overwhelming of a truth
Amidst the ruins of fact and fable.

It is the gathering of senses
For the cognition of the essential.
A dissolving of individual essences
For the conception of the singular.

It is the gravity of emotions,
A flow of repentance.
Of warm tears from the eyes sore,
A poem is nothing but a downpour.

Tj Becker 17 September 2008

A excellent summation of a poem. To be good it has to be filled with emotion. Anyone can put words together even a child has the ability, but to have them come to life is much more. Your poem had great flow and was an enjoyable read.

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, aryaindia 16 September 2008

I love your poem for the streaks of humane glory that you cascade so gracefully through your exceptional thoughtful lines. Many thanks, arya

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Indira Babbellapati 15 September 2008 times it's a gentle drizzle too after a wave of heat n dust...

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Aijaz Asif 13 September 2008

a fine write.. a poem is not crowd of words its the feelings one felt...and i do write my feelings in my poems, thank you for writing such a beautiful poem

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Kesav Easwaran 13 September 2008

this piece is a good down pour in every poetic sense...nicely tells what poems and poets are all about...10

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Maitreyee Joshi 24 May 2009

yes poem is a downpour of intence emotions.well written and well expressed.

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premji premji 07 March 2009

i can feel that emptiness you felt after wring this poem

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Indira Babbellapati 08 December 2008

...and the relief one experiences after the downpour!

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Pooja Ladyluck 14 October 2008

wow......truly.....amazing write.........m a fan! ! !

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Gargi Saha 10 October 2008

A wonderful poem of heartfelt feelings. u get 10++

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