A Roller Coaster Ride Poem by Meena Mustafa

A Roller Coaster Ride

Rating: 5.0

Walk down to the streets of hell
A man so insane, and a story to tell

Call him bipolar or mentally insane
Why is it me to suffer the pain?

I've climbed the walls of insanity
And ridden the waves of despair
There is none to comfort and none to care...

I've locked up inside me how badly that bodes
Now I am just scared that one day I'll explode...

He's made my life so miserable, a rollar coaster ride
I feel scared of my existence and emotions that I hide...

Home seems like a prison, miles far away
Seven seas across I kneel and pray

Oh God! Please help me and ease my pain
And wash away the ills with rain

Help me raise my little boy with strength that I can adhere
Make my wishes and dreams come true and take away my fear

Simon Odhiambo 09 August 2012

The tiitle prepares the reader well. The poem actualises the feelings. Well written.

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Kelly Seale 04 August 2012

This is so desperate and heartfelt Meena. A plea for sanity, peace and safety from the past with a ray of hope as time will pass. Love This one! Great Write! -Kelly.

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The Reader 03 August 2012

Good to know that you are out of it! but the analogy of A roller-coaster ride for life is very apt...

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Walterrean Salley 02 August 2012

I felt every word, and am so glad the Lord answered your prayer. I'm truly happy that things are better, and that you found the strength to go on. Best wishes, and God Bless.

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Meena Mustafa 30 July 2012

This poem was originally written in 2004... and I am so blessed to be out of it

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