A Room Full Of People Talking

Rating: 4.5

A room full of people talking like runaway
trains that won’t ever stop.
No sun or moon rises or sets for the room—
no day or night, no seasons.
No one eats or drinks.

They talk in twos or small groups
on the sofas, on chairs, on the floor.
Voices rise and mingle.
Words dance in the air like cigarette smoke
with words from adjoining conversations.
The room has become a container of pure sound,
the residue of exchanged thoughts deposited into brains.

An introvert comes into the room.
The door behind him closes and locks.
The talkers are locked into one another’s eyes—
a room full of people talking and nowhere to go.

He stands against the corner of a wall.
He tries to become the corner,
feels naked and starts to sweat.
He tries to look like part of one of the groups.
It’s obvious he isn’t.

He could sit down somewhere and listen,
that’s how you start, maybe,
but the people have been talking for an hour.
They’re like bullet trains moving fast, each group is a train.

He stands there and contemplates the alchemy
of conversation, connection and energy.

Julia Klimenova 12 February 2006

Very true. But when there are introverts standing in every corner, they connect in their silent way, and let other people move fast by: they know better than that. I totally relate to this poem. Thank you for sharing. Julia

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Lee Tran 29 October 2005

Brings back memories of a recent poetry slam I went to for the first time, ..Love the expressions used in the second stanza, setting a mature mood. Keep up the good work! !

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Amberlee Carter 06 October 2005

'He stands against the corner of a wall. He tries to become the corner, ' I am a chronic observer of life...I loved this piece..

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Ivy Christou 06 October 2005

Sometimes I feel exactly like him. Big room, people that you don't really know and never give you the chance to speak.. Realistic poem and well written! HBH

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Lori Boulard 02 October 2005

What happens next? ? C'mon, don't leave us hanging - give the guy his own poem! We like to cheer for the underdog, you know?

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